Muscle Anatomy Reference Guide Available on App Stores!

We have released our Free Human Muscle Anatomy Reference Guide app on the Google Play and Apple app store!

This app include in-depth information about human muscles split into 5 categories: Head, Neck, Torso, Upper Limbs and Lower Limbs.

The Head category includes muscle information from the Ear, Mouth, Nose, Larynx, Forehead and more.

The Neck category includes muscle information from the Clavicular, Infrahyoid, Suprahyoid and in depth details about the Anterior, Lateral, Posterior neck muscles.

The Torso category includes muscle information from the Abdomen, Back, Chest and Pelvis.

The Upper Limbs category includes muscle information from the Arms, Forearm, Hand, Shoulder, Thoracic Walls and Vertebral Column.

The Lower Limbs category includes muscle information from the Foot, Gluteal, Iliac Region, Leg and Thigh.

This app allows you to search for and save your selected muscle topic for quicker access helping you to study the various muscle in a more intuitive manner.

Included are detailed images of the Muscular System Front, Muscular System Back, Arms, Shoulders, Leg, Back, and the Thoracic Wall. You can also pinch to zoom to get a closer look at the muscle structure and information.

Free Audio on YouTube

We have created several videos using copyright free audio available from the YouTube media library. The audio used in these videos are completely free to use in your own projects.

Our videos are all presented with a fantastic space themed background with wonderful looping animations for your viewing pleasure.

Some audio tracks require attribution, which can be found in the video descriptions, whereas others do not require any attribution at all. 

Visit our YouTube channel and enjoy the free audio using the link below.



Human Skeleton Reference App Available on the App Stores!

We have released our Human Skeleton Reference App and it is available for Free on Google Play and Apple! This app includes in-depth Wikipedia based data about the bones in the human body. Each article includes detailed information and multimedia.

The Human Skeleton Reference Guide includes the ability to search to easily find specific information and it also allows the saving of articles to a saved list. Several Hi-resolution images of the full skeleton (front and back), Skull, Hand and Foot is included too.

Download from  Google Play:

Download from Apple:

Icon Experiment - Asian Birds Sounds #1

We have started to perform split testing using the Google Play Experiments service. The initial tests will revolve around showing customers different App icons on the Google Play Store.

We will progressively provide updates showing how each icon is performing and conclude with a winner once the experiment ha completed.

The first test is a 4 way split test on our Asian Birds Sounds Free app. The following icons are being tested.

Control: White-capped Redstart

Variant 1: Sultan Tit

Variant 2: Crimson Sunbird

Variant 3: Azure Tit

Bird sounds apps free on Apple app store!

We are pleased to announce that our bird sounds apps are now available for free on the Apple app store!

We hope this will allow more users to download and engage with our apps and to also provide us more feedback so we can further improve them going forward.

These freebird sounds apps are identical to the paid versions and so all content is included in both variations. The free apps are supported by advertisements and there is an option available within the app to purchase and download the no ads version. 

Here are the links to the free bird sounds apps :

UK Birds Sounds Free

Australian Birds Sounds Free

North American Birds Sounds Free

Birds of Prey Sounds Free

South American Birds Sounds Free

African Birds Sounds Free

Asian Birds Sounds Free

Spanish Birds Sounds Free

UK Birds Sounds on Apple app store!

We have finally started to launch our bird sounds apps to the Apple app store! The UK Birds Sounds app has been released and is available for purchase, with no advertisements and all updates cost no extra. 

We wil be looking to release all our birds sounds apps to the app store with both free with ads and paid with no ads versions (as we have on the Google Play store). 

Download from the apple app store:

North American Birds Sounds over 100,000 downloads!

Our Free North american birds sounds app has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play! Thank you to all who have downloaded the app and provided suggestions for how we can further improve it.

For those that don't already have the app - download for it for Free from Google Play: