Restoring previous purchases on a new device

We have received many queries from users asking how they can restore their previous purchases of our apps from Google Play on a new device. Depending on the type of purchase made  (app purchase or in-app upgrade purchase) the process of restoring is different.

Restoring a previously purchased app

If the app has been purchased from Google Play (not an in-app purchase) then you should be able to download it again from Google play for no extra charge as long as you are signed into the same Google account that was used to purchase originally. You have to visit the Google play page of the app to see the install option and you should not get prompted to purchase again.

Restoring a previously purchased in-app purchase

If an in-app purchase has been purchased from our apps then to restore the purchase you have to makesure you are signed into the same Google play account that was used to purchase originally, launch the app, wait for the app to load then press then back button on your device to exit the app. This will recheck and sync all previous purchases, such as the in app purchase upgrade on many of our free apps. The next time you launch the app you should your previous purchases restored.