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Mobile Apps for Android and Apple

  • Mangrove Blue Flycatcher

    We were sent a beautiful picture of a Mangrove Blue Flycatcher and it is our pleasure to share it with everyone.
    Thank you for sending this in 🙂 If anyone wants to send in any birding media we will gladly please email us and we will add it to our website.

  • Flutter App Development

    Over the last few years we have developed our mobile apps using various different programming languages and technologies. We made use of Java for the Android development but after a while we knew we wanted to develop for the Apple platform. The luminous apps team has strong skills in web technologies (namely JavaScript and CSS) and so we took a deep dive into Cordova. This allowed us to write our code once and release apps for both Apple and Android. This was great for a while due and allowed us to expand our audience nicely.

    Google launched Flutter Framework 1.0 towards the end of 2018 which offered similar advantages as Cordova, write once, deploy on Apple/Android. Apps developed using Flutter offer native mobile app performance, this is where Cordova for us was lacking (the app is wrapped within a webview), some of our apps written in Cordova had large lists which became sluggish and not so nice to use. We rewrote a few of our iOS mobile apps using Flutter and we are much more pleased with the performance and also the development experience (hot reload is simply a huge time saver!). Expect luminous apps to focus on more app development using the Flutter framework for rich quality mobile apps for you to enjoy.


  • Birding App Updates for Apple

    We released a significant update for the Australian, North American and UK Birds Sounds Apple apps. This update improved the performance and stability significantly thanks to the use of a new app engine. We hope you enjoy the update and your feedback is welcome as always.

  • Apple Dinosaur Sounds App Update!

    We have released an updated version of our Dinosaur Sounds and Information app for the Apple app store.  We have replaced the app framework with a native solution and this update therefore includes significant performance improvements and several bug fixes!

    You can download our Dinosaur sounds and information app from the Apple app store from here:

  • Australian Pelican Sound Updated

    We have updated the sound of the Australian Pelican on our Australian Birds Sounds app. The previous sound included a large amount of background noise and the new sound is much more audible.

  • Birding Section Added!

    We have introduced a new section to our website for birders that includes over 11,800 bird species! This is very similarly to our Birds Complete Reference Guide Mobile app (which can be found on the Google Play, Amazon and Apple App Stores). Birds are grouped by their family and also by countries. Links are included to various media sources for birding sounds, images and videos too.

  • Medical Apps Now Available on Amazon

    Our medical apps are also now available on the Amazon app store! We have updated our apps portfolio page with the links to each app.

  • Media Changes for Birds Complete Reference Guide App

    We have updated our Birds Complete Reference Guide app with changes to the audio, images and video sections. Due to concerns with media rights we have decided to link out to the various media sources rather than embed the media directly into the app. This does mean that you now have easy access to even more birding media than before and the media sources are credited even further with their hard work. We hope you enjoy the update!

  • Bird Country Data

    We are in the process of introducing Bird Country Data to our Birds Complete Reference Guide Mobile App. This feature has been requested by several people and we are pleased to include this in the next app update.

    You will be able to view all birds from a specific country and for each bird you will be shown the option view which countries this bird can be found in.


  • Birds Complete Reference Guide Now Amazon App Store!

    The Birds Complete Reference Guide Mobile App is now available on the Amazon app store for your Amazon Fire devices!

    This version of the app includes no advertisements and only requires a one off purchase. All future updates are free. Click on the Amazon link below to purchase.


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